1794771_938782459514744_4924849025377505687_nWelcome to DeadliftPotential.com, founded by Eric Radcliffe and Lucas Maki. Our mission is simply to help you improve your deadlift. We are highly driven by our desire to lift heavy weight in the gym, and succeed in life. We are competitive powerlifters, and have developed a passion for the sport; specifically the deadlift. No exercise is more demanding than the deadlift, as it requires perfect form, as well as brute strength and utilizes almost every muscle in the body. The deadlift is the true test of physical strength and mental willpower.

Our Story… 

Eric started lifting the summer before his senior year of high school. He originally started lifting in preparation for his upcoming baseball season. By reading articles about lifting, and going to the gym regularly, he began to build a basic understanding of bodybuilding. Starting at a mere 160 pounds and 6’1″, Eric was a true ectomorph. Eating 4000+ calories a day and training 5-6 days a week helped him gain almost 40 pounds by the time he graduated from high school. As time progressed, he began to develop a passion for bodybuilding. This eventually led him to quit the baseball team so he could pursue his goals as a bodybuilder. His workouts grew more and more intense as he got bigger and stronger. Eric was introduced to powerlifting by one of his baseball coaches and teachers who was an experienced and accomplished powerlifter. Eric competed in his first powerlifting meet the day after his high school graduation, without really knowing much about the sport. He really liked it, but decided to continue his path in bodybuilding.

Lucas began lifting during his senior year of high school. He originally started lifting so he could gain some muscle as well as improve his health. It did not take long for him to realize that he was unhappy with being skinny in addition to being short in stature. Once this realization took place, he began to lift weights six days a week so he could change this. After graduating from high school, Lucas took a year off from school so he could work full time and save up money for college. It was during this time that he began to educate himself about bodybuilding and nutrition. Over time, he finally started to see some growth. He went from weighing just over 140 pounds to weighing 165 pounds before he enrolled himself in college.

Lucas and Eric’s paths crossed as they became roommates in college. Through their shared interest in working out, they quickly became lifting partners and best friends. In the gym, they would admire the powerlifters who were always training intensely and lifting heavy weight. They would see these huge, strong guys and wanted to be like them. During his freshman year, Eric competed in another powerlifting meet, even though he was still a bodybuilder because he enjoyed testing his strength. When the powerlifting club was created, their sophomore year, Eric decided to commit fully to powerlifting, while Lucas continued pursuing his bodybuilding goals. Though they remained friends, their difference in goals forced them to split up as lifting partners in November 2014. This was a tragic day and many gainz were lost. Over the next few months, while cycling through many different training partners, Lucas started to realized that he had no desire to ever compete as a bodybuilder, but still needed a way to satisfy his competitive nature. Powerlifting seemed like the obvious choice, so Eric and Lucas started lifting together again in February 2015. This was a magnificent day, filled with many scoops of pre-workout and protein shakes. Eric competed in two more meets during his sophomore year and Lucas competed in his first meet at the end of the school year. They continue to educate themselves and compete in powerlifting.

Our Vision…

We have dedicated this website to deadlifting because we want to help as many people as possible. Although it is mostly geared toward powerlifting, the advice and information we give can be utilized by bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, recreational lifters, men and women. No matter who you are, you can benefit from deadlifting, as it can increase overall strength and improve body composition. We plan to make a difference in the fitness community and create a positive impact in the lives of our followers.

We appreciate your support, and thank you for visiting DeadliftPotential.com.

Eric Radcliffe


Lucas Maki

Co-Founders of Deadlift Potential

If you have any questions please contact us at eric@deadliftpotential.com or lucas@deadliftpotential.com