You may be interested in Animal Flex, but are unsure of what all the ingredients are. Well look no further. Here is a complete list of all the ingredients in Animal Flex, including the uses in relation to the product, side effects, and recommended doses. All information was gathered from and Drugs. com.



Recommended amount for adults

Possible side effects from excessive use

Vitamin C Chronic pain condition, osteoarthritis, physical performance 90mg for men and 75mg for women. Do not exceed 2000mg a day. Kidney stones, severe diarrhea
Vitamin E Movement disorder, improves male fertility 200 – 600 IU a day Contradictory evidence
Zinc Acne, depression, osteoporosis No more than 40 mg/day Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and stomach damage
Selenium Autoimmune thyroiditis, abnormal cholesterol levels RDA: 55 mcg. No more than 400 mcg /day Poisoning
Manganese Osteoporosis 5 mg/day, no more than 11 mg/day Unsafe when taken in excess of 11 mg/day

Joint Construction Complex

Glucosamine Osteoarthritis Up to 1500mg daily minimal
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Osteoarthritis 500mg three times daily up to 3 grams twice daily Nausea, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, headache, insomnia, itching
Chondroitin Sulfate A & C Cataracts, osteoarthritis, UTIs 800-2000mg daily Rare, if any

Joint Lubrication Complex

Flaxseed Oil Rhumatoid Arthritis, Heart disease, atherosclerosis (insufficient evidence) Depends on age, health, and other factors Large doses of 30 grams a day or higher can cause bowel problems
Cetyl Myristoleate Proprietary Blend Improve joint health, anti-inflammatory 1-2 softgels 3 times daily Gastrointestinal discomfort
Hyaluronic Acid Osteoarthritis, joint stiffness minimal

Joint Support Complex

Ginger Root Osteoarthritis 170 – 1000mg daily Heartburn, stomach discomfort
Turmeric Root Osteoarthritis 500mg four times daily Usually does not cause side effects
Boswellia Osteoarthritis 100-250 mg daily Usually does not cause side effects
Quercetin Exercise performance, inflammation (insufficient evidence) 500 mg twice daily Headache and tingling of arms and legs
Bromelain Arthritis, knee pain, inflammation (insufficient evidence) 90 mg three times daily Stomach and intestinal discomfort

Other Ingredients

Dicalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, gelatin, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, purified water, microcrystalline cellulose, glycerine, silicon dioxide, caramel coloring, pharmaceutical glaze. Contains shellfish (crab/shrimp shell), soy. Made in a GMP facility on equipment that processes milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion about what is actually in Animal Flex. As you can see, most of the ingredients are included to improve joint function and prevent and/or treat osteoarthritis. If you would like more information straight from the manufacturers, click here. For a detailed write up about what Animal Flex is and if it would be good for you, click here.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment bellow with any questions.

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