One of the most overlooked pieces of gear, yet vitally important to your success on the platform is the deadlift sock. A deadlift sock is not like any ordinary sock. It’s a sock that prevents you from tearing up your shins and getting your blood and skin all over the gym. When deadlifting correctly, the bar should slide right along your shins (see video below). Without some type of protection, the deadlift bar will shred your shins like a cheese grater. Although that would make you look like a badass, it is not very sanitary and your gym probably wouldn’t like it. So the solution? Put a sock on it. With so many different types and styles out there, we’re going to help find the best deadlift socks for you.

Moxy Deadlift Socks

Moxy Deadlift Socks

Buy Moxy Deadlift Socks here – Click the Picture above

The first type we will discuss is the Moxy Deadlift Socks. These socks are some of the best socks I have ever owned. They are designed specifically for deadlifting, so the bar slides smoothly up the shins and does not stick on the socks. This improves technique by allowing you to keep the bar close to your shins without scraping them and causing bleeding. The extra cushion on the bottom of the foot combined with the thin mesh fabric on the top of the foot creates an incredibly comfortable and breathable sock. The fabric is also stretchy and form fitting, allowing the sock to fit virtually any size foot and leg. All powerlifters should be wearing deadlift socks, and these ones are approved for use in powerlifting meets.

Soccer Socks

Another type of sock commonly used for deadlifting is generic soccer socks. Though not specially made for deadlifting, these socks are effective and can be much cheaper than deadlifting socks. These socks are great for beginner to intermediate level deadlifters, as they will provide minimal protection against scraping and bleeding from the deadlift bar. They are not as thick as actual deadlift socks, and as a result the quality of protection suffers. Most soccer socks don’t include the same kind of foot cushions that deadlift socks do, however the thinner material allows for good breathability.

Other Deadlift Socks

There are many off brand deadlift socks out there. I’ve used one that “claimed” to be a high quality deadlift sock and I tore my groin that day. Now whether the socks had anything to do with that i’m not sure. But they were not very good socks, maybe that’s why they were free. They were way too big and they were sliding around all over on my feet. The only good socks I can find are the Moxy deadlift socks, and these off brand socks don’t compare. Drop the mic!

Protect Your Shins

When you don’t wear deadlift socks, your shins will bleed. When your shins bleed, you will get blood all over the floor. When you get blood all over the floor, you will have to stay late and clean it up. When you have to stay late and clean it up you will get home late. When you get home late, your wife will think you’re cheating on her. When your wife thinks you’re cheating on her, she will kick you out of the house. When you get kicked out of the house you will be homeless. When you get homeless, you will starve to death and die. Don’t starve to death and die. Wear deadlift socks.

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16 comments on “Best Deadlift Socks
  1. Jay says:

    I’m definitely going to get myself some deadlifting socks so my girlfriend doesn’t toss me out on the street! LOL

    I didn’t know that soccer socks were good for deadlifting. I guess I never thought of that. I usually just wear my normal Hanes socks right now but I’ve been looking for something with some more cushion. I tried yoga socks but my feet are too big for the sizes.

    What is it about the Moxy design that protects your shins? And how much are those bad boys?

    • Eric Radcliffe says:

      Hey Jay,

      Moxy deadlift socks have extra material in the shins which helps protect them when deadlifting. They only cost about $10-15 and if you click the picture above, it will take you right to amazon where you can buy them. Oh and good luck with your gf!


  2. troy says:

    The overall protection of these socks sound like they could even be used in a manufacturing department that requires you to wear steel toed shoes for protection. I use to have to wear something similiar but on my arms for extra protection. What are they made of and how long does a pair last? Sorry I am not a Power Lifter but it sounds like if you are, I do suggest whether you are an amature or are deciding to go professional that you invest in them for that added protection.

    • Eric Radcliffe says:

      I’m sure a pair of socks like these would be great for steel toed boots. They are very comfortable and breathable. I believe they are made of cotton, elastic, and spandex. I do own a pair a pair and they are pretty awesome. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Nasrat Star says:

    I have not been to the gym for years. What is dead lifting? Beside the socks that you’re recommending, what other gears are important for dead lifting? Is dead lifting suitable for men above 50? If it is, is there a beginner level or scale for men above 50?
    What other gym exercises would you recommend for men above 50? I have not exercised the last 10 years. I used to be a avid badminton player but I gave it up because of back problems.

    • Eric Radcliffe says:

      Deadlifting is a great exercise for men and women of all ages, when performed correctly. As a beginner, I would recommend doing conventional deadlifts with a light load until you are comfortable performing the exercise. Deadlifting can help reduce back pain by strengthening the muscles of the back. Please refer to our exercise section for more information about specific exercises and how to perform them. Please refer to our Lifting Gear section for more information about gear we use and would recommend. Thanks for the comment and good luck!

  4. Alexey says:

    Hey there, it’s Alexey!
    Thanks for presenting such a nice gear for training!
    I am an athlete myself, and actually doing deadlifts as well! But I train without any gear, because I guess I never thought of it. This deadlift sock looks like something that will benefit me in my future deadlifts, thanks!

  5. EllieCommunicates says:

    I never knew that deadlifting could be so dangerous and I never knew that just by using the right type of socks you can prevent some negative and unpleasant effects.
    How durable are these socks and do you wash them in the washing machine or by hand?
    Please post some ideas of particular deadlift socks you’ve used and would recommend and also prices as well.
    Good luck!

    • Eric Radcliffe says:

      The Moxy Deadlift Socks are extremely durable, and can be washed in a washing machine, just like your normal clothes. You will find a link above to amazon where you can find the best socks and the best price. thank you.

  6. Travis Smithers says:

    I never knew anything about deadlift socks until I just read your article. This information also brings me to another thing I now know; I never did do deadlifts properly when I was younger after reading this post.

    For myself, I just use to do basic training to keep in shape and realize now that I was doing that part wrong and many others were as well. I think I should get my son who also trains to make sure he checks out your site to make sure he is doing this part of his exercising correctly.

  7. Kaz Baker says:

    Hey man, another quick question. Are you going to review certain weight lighting shoes? Cheers,

  8. Maria says:

    Okay the deadlifting socks are kind of cute – definitely a good way to go too because that sounds pretty gory about getting your blood and skin all over the gym, not to mention probably not too sanitary! It’s amazing that these socks can help so much so thanks for the information!

  9. Dawn says:

    I am not a power lifter, so I didn’t know that just by wearing a certain type of sock can prevent bleeding and tearing of your shins until I read your article. I am someone who has bad knees and would like to incorporate the deadlift into exercise routine. Can someone with bad knees do the deadlifts?

    • Eric Radcliffe says:

      Hi Dawn,

      The deadlift is not a very knee dominant movement, meaning there isn’t a whole lot of stress placed on the knee compared to, say, the squat. This makes me think that the deadlift would be a good exercise for someone with bad knees. However, without knowing the severity of your injury I can’t really make a definitive recommendation. I would say, try them and don’t do them if it hurts your knees. Thanks for reading!


  10. Matt's Mom says:

    Wow, you took an ordinary item for a dead lifter and brought it to life and made this article so interesting. Great writing! I would have never imagined, until this post, how important a deadlift sock would be. But from your post, they are essential. I would not want to be the badass and get my shins tore up. I will take the socks!

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