Supplementation is a very important aspect in weight training and fitness. It is extremely important that your body is able to get all the nutrients it needs, so that it can perform at it’s peak levels during exercise.

There are thousands of different supplements out there. How can you know which ones are the best to use? Well, to be honest there is no way to know for sure. A lot of it can come down to personal opinion. There is some scientific research backing up certain supplements more than others however.

Between the two of us, we have used a wide variety of supplements during our athletic lifespan. There are certain brands and certain supplements we like better than others. We plan to share with you some of our favorite supplements that we use regularly, so that you can have some guidance in choosing your stack. We only promote supplements that we have personally used and that we have found to be effective.

We also will give you some of the science behind how they work, and tell you why we choose them. So if you have any supplement questions at all, look no further. Here is your guide for everything supplement related.