As you may have figured out by now, we are all about deadlifting heavy. As any hardcore strength athlete will tell you, the only way to be the best is to train with the best equipment, have the best training program and the best training environment. Without any of these, you will be at a disadvantage for reaching your full potential. Today we’re going to touch on the first factor listed, which is the equipment. For deadlifting specifically, the MOST important piece of training equipment is the deadlift bar. Based on our experience, the best deadlift bar is the Texas Deadlift Bar.

Why is a Deadlift Bar So Important?

Many people wonder what the difference between a standard barbell and a deadlift bar are. There are several differences that should be mentioned. The first difference is the length of the bar. The deadlift bar is significantly longer than a standard barbell (yes, size does matter). This creates an optimal weight distribution as well as allows sumo pullers to have adequate room for foot placement. This is especially true for Deadlift Potential Athlete and Co-Owner Eric, who has some long ass limbs. At over six feet tall, he cannot physically get into position for his sumo pulls using a standard barbell.

The next important feature of a deadlift bar is the girth. Deadlift bars have a significantly smaller circumference, which makes them easier to hold on to. They also have extra fine knurling, which also helps with grip strength. This can be helpful for anyone who has trouble holding onto the bar while deadlifting and especially for anyone lifting a shit ton of weight. Since the bar is thinner this allows the bar to potentially have more flex depending on how much weight you are lifting. It also allows you to pull the slack out of the bar when getting into your starting position. Being able to pull the slack out effectively can allow you to lift more weight and get a better training effect.

The Texas Deadlift Bar

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Texas Deadlift Bar

The Texas Deadlift Bar specifications are as follows:

  • 7 1/2 feet in length (90″)
  • 56″ between sleeves with sharp, deep knurling
  • Does not have center knurling
  • Weighs 45 pounds / 20 kilos
  • Capacity 1500 lbs
  • Diameter (girth) 27mm


The Texas Deadlift Bar stands out from it’s competition in many ways. First off, the shaft is longer than other deadlift bars. In addition to this, the collars are longer as well. This creates better weight distribution which allows for more flex before the weight breaks the floor. The lifter can get into a better starting position by pulling the slack out.

The knurling on the Texas Deadlift bar is also better than its competition. The knurling doesn’t come to a complete point, meaning it is not as sharp. Other deadlift bars have aggressive knurling which can tear up your hands, but it is not as bad on the Texas Bar. This does not reduce the quality of the bar, as there is still plenty of grip.

The overall quality of the Texas Deadlift Bar also stands out from its competitors. The bar is coated to protect against rust and cracks. This can add to the longevity of the bar, meaning it will last for years. Quality of the bar becomes especially important when you think about how often it will be used and how much weight will be lifted. The bar is going to be dropped, bent and covered in chalk every week, so it is important to have a high quality deadlift bar.

Is The Deadlift Bar For You?

The deadlift bar is an essential piece of equipment for all powerlifters. If you aren’t using one you are leaving pounds on the platform. Many powerlifting federations use Texas Deadlift Bars for competitions, and it is always a good idea to train with the same equipment as what is used in competition. A deadlift bar can also be beneficial for bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, and every day gym goers. The Texas Deadlift Bar was designed specifically for deadlifting, so anyone who deadlifts could benefit from it.

20160325_163320_4201All gym owners should also have a deadlift bar. If you own a gym, chances are you have members that deadlift and providing them with a Texas Deadlift Bar is a great way to help them succeed. In the past, we have tried to train at some gyms that don’t have deadlift bars and as a competitive powerlifter it is almost impossible to get an effective deadlift workout.

We have had the opportunity to train with a Texas Deadlift Bar consistently for over a year now and ever since we started using it, our deadlift has shot up. Deadlift Potential Athlete and Co-Owner, Lucas currently holds a Texas Deadlift Bar PR of 405×5, while Deadlift Potential Athlete and Co-Owner, Eric boasts a PR of 615×3. This bar definitely contributes to our strength and performance and we would recommend it to anyone.

Bringing it All Together

A deadlift bar is an essential piece of equipment for all serious deadlifters. Powerlifters especially, can benefit from the longer length, optimal knurling, and amount of flex that this bar provides. Even if you’re not a powerlifter, if you deadlift regularly, or own a gym where members deadlift regularly, I highly recommend looking into investing in one. To get your hands on one and for more information, click here. I have used a few different deadlift bars, and the Texas Deadlift Bar definitely stands out from its competition. It is personally my favorite piece of gym equipment and I can’t imagine deadlifting with out it.

Thanks for reading, I got some deadlifting to do! And if you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below!

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4 comments on “Texas Deadlift Bar – The Best Deadlift Bar
  1. robert Lawrence says:


    I’m also over 6 feet tall and I’ve been struggling to get into my proper stance when performing the deadlift.

    This is because I have been to cheap to buy another bar so I’ve just been using my standard bar for everything.

    I’ve really started to get annoyed with it lately and I’m sure it’s affecting my progress so I think I’m ready to buy the right bar.

    I’m glad I found this article as i think it was the push I needed to go out and finally get the proper bar. Thanks a lot.


  2. Farhan says:

    It is just amazing how much I do not know about all these gym equipment. Not really much of a gym goer myself, but have lifted some weights during my younger years. This article have been very informational.

    A lot of my friends do a whole lot of deadlifting too, but they never mentioned anything about the deadlift bar’s length or girth, and how it affects their training. Would you also recommend this to beginner deadlifters as well?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Wing says:

    Never thought they made a bar specifically for deadlifts. I did a 3×3 scheme yesterday at 315 after coming down from a 1 rep max at 335. It wasn’t a true max cuz my form was fine and I felt a second sloppy rep left in the tank. Haven’t done a DL in over 2 months before then and my back is torturing me today! Sure wish I had this bar at the time, may have been able to crank out one more set with it.

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